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Thank you!

A great big thanks to everyone who helped make our yarn bombing Musikfest a great success!

yarn bombing

What is Yarn Bombing?

Yarn Bombing is the act of covering an area or objects with knit and/or crochet pieces. Yarn Bombing is harmless (as long as the responsible party maintains the exhibit) and quite fun and beautiful. Anything can be Yarn Bombed, but popular items include trees, bridges, statues, vehicles, fences, bike racks, among many other things.

Why Yarn Bombing?

yarn bombingWhy not?! We love YARN, and why not show off your work?! We, The Knitter's Edge staff and community, are Yarn Bombing Musikfest because we can (and the fact that it's a lot of fun)! After Musikfest, we will be sewing the pieces together into afghans, which will then be donated to a local charity. We are starting with the tree pictured below and then moving on to part of the wooden foot bridge.

How can I help?

bridgeContact us! We have the supplies, the patterns, and lots of great ideas! Don't knit or crochet? Don't worry, you can still help! We will be hanging Pom-Poms from the tree as well, and pom-poms are so simple to make - no experience required!

Is there a pattern?

tree12" wide strips; up to 9 feet tall - we are suggesting Encore Mega and size 15 needles because it works up QUICK! Not sure how many to cast on? Do a gauge, then do the math. If you are getting 2 stitches per inch; multiply by 12 inches across = cast on 24 stitches. You are welcome to use any yarn you might have, just make sure your finished piece measures 12" wide. Also, ONLY machine washable yarn will be accepted! Since we will be donating the finished items to charity, they will need to be machine washable.

Who do I contact?

Please call, email, or  stop in for more information. Not local? Don't worry, you can still be involved! Just mail your hand knit or crochet piece to The Knitter's Edge, 1601 W. Broad St Bethlehem, PA 18018.

Thank you!

A big THANK YOU is owed to Plymouth Yarn Company of Bristol, PA for providing the Encore Mega that is being supplied to knitters and crocheters for the Yarn Bombing!