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Debra Debra is one of our newer teachers, but she has definitely impressed us. She can handle beginners and expert knitters in the same class with ease. Her claim to fame when she started with us was her moebius classes. She will still teach you this terrific technique.
Diana Diana has been teaching with us for longer than we have been The Knitter's Edge. This retired art teacher carries her great artistic ability into her knitting world. Diana loves to take on interesting projects and has a flair for felting.
Eileen Eileen is the best there is in so many ways. You won't find a better teacher anywhere or a better friend. Eileen is patient with those who need extra help, and encouraging for those who need to keep moving forward. When she tells you a yarn is good, she means it, and if a yarn is not the right one for your project, she will tell you that as well. You can always trust her.
Jan Jan teaches on the couch. She is a wonderful mentor and just a blast to be around. We knew that couch would be full in no time. She has taken to teaching with a great deal of zest, putting herself fully into the role. You will love a class with Jan. You will learn a lot and be thoroughly entertained the entire two hours!
Laura Laura is the head of our charity class that meets on Thursdays. If you read our newsletters you already know all that she does for us - suggesting great charity projects, leading the charity class, even coordinating our annual retreat. Charity work is so intertwined with knitting and has been throughout the ages. We always have a charity project in the works and we're sure we have one that will touch your heart.
Linda J. Linda J. has known Eileen and I for about forever. Years ago she hired both of us and taught us much of what we know about knitting. We are all very happy that she is here with us at The Knitter's Edge. Her classes are very educational.
Linda M. Linda M. has been a knitting teacher longer than I have known her, and that's a long time. Her forte is Fair Isle. Not only does she love working Fair Isle, but she is very, very, good at it. Linda teaches a two-handed Fair Isle class for us that is almost always full.
Marilyn Marilyn teaches our kid's classes and I do not think there could be a finer children's knitting teacher anywhere. Marilyn loves to find interesting and often off-the-wall knitting projects to do with the kids. They learn to knit without even knowing it. Her classes are often full of kids of various ages, working at various levels.
Milly Milly is a professional translator by day and a lace knitter extraordinaire by night. I have never known anyone who could knit such complicated lace as quickly as Milly can. She is a great inspiration for aspiring lace geeks.
Pat Pat is one terrific teacher. She is at the shop most days and definitely has a strong following. The reason is she's good and she's energizing. She is full of great knitting ideas and strongly and successfully encourages her students to try what's new and expand their horizons. And she crochets too!