December 31, 2010
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Well, I owe everyone a couple of appologies for the last newsletter. First of all, I said the last newsletter was the last one of the year. Duh! I didn't look at the calendar I guess, because this newsletter is the last one! Secondly, I should have learned my lesson many times over already- NEVER GIVE OUT A PATTERN THAT I HAVEN'T TESTED- or at least proofed!


Well I goofed again and gave you a lovely ruffled cowl pattern with not one but two very bad mistakes in it! SO to make it up to everyone, I have the corrections here, plus another pattern for a neat cowl for the same yarn- Mochi Plus. Both patterns are free from the Crystal Place website, but I have them posted here for your convienence.




We will be closed on Saturday, New Year's Day. This week, we will be open all of our regular hours other than Saturday. 

Our Mitten Tree


The mittens were distributed to the young students during Christmas week. The MittenOur teacher read each class Jan Brett's book "The Mitten" a wonderful story about a handknit mitten, and explained how mittens don't always come from a store. She then showed them some of her own knitting.  After that they got to dive into the multitude of handknit mittens supplied by knitters at The Knitter's Edge. She said she was amazed at how the children didn't fight over any pair but had a wide range of preferences in colors, striping, and textures. All in all, it was a huge hit. We gave her another bag of mittens today to give out next week. You may all continue to bring in mittens for the school and we will see that they get delivered. It was very much appreciated by the children. We thank you all.

Our New Charity Knitting Project


Last January we knitted Hats for the Homeless.  I was blown away by the number of hats we collected- 499! What we accomplished had a definite effect on our community.  So much so that Laura Howell- head of our Charty Knitting group- has already received many, many requests for hats for this 2010-2011 winter season.


While we can't know how harsh the weather will be this winter, we can be sure that the need will be greater than last year as there are many more people struggling due to the poor economy.  To put it bluntly, the number of homeless in our community is rising.


I am confident we can make a significant difference once again this year.  I have planned ahead and developed new patterns and have ordered additional yarns.


So through the month of January, I will have a new pattern available each week- if not 2 patterns each week ( I don't want to get in over my head).  We will have suitable yarns available at very reasonable prices, and several samples on display.


This year it has been requested that we have scarves and cowls knit too,  so I will be adding patterns and yarns for those items as well.


This is something we can do for OUR community.  Let's see if we can beat last years numbers!


To get everyone started, we will continue to feature Encore Mega- (the fastest knitting yarn there is) in our swimming pool at a discount price of $5.00 a ball.  Just one ball can make a hat in record time.  


Mega Buttoned HatMy new hat pattern of the week for Encore Mega is shown here.  Come in to get a copy of the pattern free with your purchase of the Mega- just one ball is all you need!  Look for another hat pattern  in EACH newsletter for as long as I can keep designing them.










As a bonus to kick this off- here is an ULTRA fast and easy headband pattern for the Mega.  2 headbands can be knit from 1 ball of the yarn.


These headbands will keep ears warm and will be very much appreciated by the Hats for the Homeless recipients.


Easy HeadbandHeadband:

Materials:  1 ball Encore Mega

Needles:  Size 15

Gauge:  2 sts =1" on size 15 needles over garter st.


Loosely cast on 9 sts. 
Knit every row until total length is about 16" (unstretched) or until it reaches around your head when stretched. 
Bind off loosely. 
Sew cast on edge to bound off edge.
Weave in all ends.


One pattern corrected, and another for you to try

This is indeed a lovely ruffled cowl.  The corrections are in red.  I am very sorry to the knitters who started this pattern and ran into trouble.

Mochi Plus Ruffled Cowl 

mochi Plus lattice Cowl
Yarn:  2 - 50 g balls of Crystal PalaceMochi Plus

Needles:  16" Bamboo Circular needles in US size 9 or size needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge: 4.5 sts/inch in St st 


CO 216 sts. Join, being careful not to twist.
  Place Marker to indicate beginning of row.


Initial Ruffle:
P 1 rnd.

K 1 rnd.
P 1 rnd.
K 5 rnds.

Ruffle shaping:

Next Rnd: *(K1, K2tog) around: 144 sts
Next Rnd:
Next Rnd: *(k2tog) around (72 sts)
Next Rnd:
Next Rnd:

Cowl Body:
Preparation row:
 *(K12, PM),  around

Lattice Pattern:
Rnd 1:
 *[P1, K2, (K2tog, yo) 3x, K2, P1]; rep from * to eor.
Rnds 2 & 4:
Rnd 3:
 *[P1, K3, (K2tog, yo) 2x, K3, P1]; rep from * to eor.
Work in Lattice Pattern until lattice is ~ 6.5" from cast on edge.

Final Ruffle:
Knit 2 rnds
Purl 1 rnd. 
Next Rnd:  *(Kfb), around.
Next Rnd:
Next Rnd:
  *(K2, Kfb), around.
Next Rnd:
K until 2nd ruffle is almost the length of initial ruffle.

P 1 rnd. BO loosely purlwise.  Fold in half.


Finishing:  Weave in all ends.


Blocking:  Gently dampen the cowl. Roll in towel to remove excess water. Now on a thick towel, lay the cowl flat, ensuring that each ruffle is also flat all over.  Cover with 2nd towel and allow to dry fully.



And another Cowl for you for Mochi Plus!

Mochi Plus Zig Zag Cowl

(Don't worry-I checked this one)

Mochi Plus Zigzag cowl

Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Mochi Plus2 balls of any color.

Needles: Size US 10.
Small amount of cotton waste yarn.

Finished Measurements
Circumference: 23"
Width: 10"

18 sts and 32 rows = 4" over garter stitch

m1: Make 1 - Insert the left needle, from front to back, under the strand of yarn which runs between the last st on the right needle and the next st on the left needle; knit this st through the back loop - 1 st increased.
S2KP2: Slip the next 2 sts together as if to knit them together, k1, pass the 2 slipped sts over the st just knit - 2 sts decreased.
Provisional Cast on
A provisional cast on is meant to be removed, allowing you to work from live stitches at the cast on edge.

Using a provisional cast on, CO 61 sts.
Row 1:  K1, m1, k8, * s2kp2, k8, m1, k1, m1, k8; repeat from * once more, s2kp2, k8, m1, k1.
Row 2:  Knit.
Alternate these two rows until you have about 1 yard of yarn left, ending with a Row 1.

Remove the waste yarn from the cast on edge and place the stitches on a spare needle.
Join the ends of your cowl to form a tube. You can either use a 3-needle bind off (easier, but leaves a noticeable ridge), or graft them together with Kitchener stitch (more challenging, but produces a truly seamless result).

 We have many colors in Mochi Plus in stock!

A chuckle for you

Here's a joke that apparently is a oldie but goodie, yet I had never heard it before.
A piece of yarn walks into a bar and orders a beer, but the bartender snarls, "We don't serve your kind here!". The yarn is forced to leave.

While sitting on the curb feeling sorry for himself, the yarn is suddenly hit with a brilliant idea. Working quickly, he ties himself into a knot and unravels his ends. Taking a deep breath, the yarn marches back into the bar and orders a beer.

"Hey!" says the bartender. "Ain't you that piece of yarn I just threw outta here?"

"Nope," replies the yarn, "I'm a frayed knot."
So what is on sale???

Specials for This Week: 
RIVIERA- 20% off

 Riviera is the largest knitting yarn we have.  It is drenched with color and amazingly soft considering how big it is.  The cowl shown below is a great quick project to work up with just one hank of Riviera.  Pattern is free with purchase.

Dare Cowl
DARE- 20% off

Dare is a 2 part yarn- part cable part fur.  One hank- and its a large hank- will knit up quickly to make this scarf shown below.  You can also make a great cowl.  Pattern is free with the yarn purchase.

Dare Scarf
JUST REDUCED!!!  NOW 40% off!!!


Make a fast scarf in less than 1 hour- all for only $6.00 or less if you are in a class!
Make a fast scarf in less than 1 hour- 100% nylon- washable & dryable.

week 0Remember the Starry Scarf Kits- Only $10.00-- 2 balls of Stars- glitzy yarn plus one ball of Encore DK in a matching color.  With one strand of each held together, knit up a 60" long scarf in no time flat.  We have made up a whole bunch of kits for you- easy to pick up one or more!

This Weekend's Class List

Week of  December 28 - January 1 
FRIDAY - December 31
10:00 - 12:00 -- General Knitting with Pat
1:00 - 3:00 - General Knitting with Pat
SATURDAY - January 1
Happy New Year!
To Swatch or not to Swatch?


Ok now for the educational content:

Here are some tips for successful, accurate swatching.

1. Make your swatch big enough.

Ten stitches wide and four rows long is not enough. Why? Because the cast-on row, the bind-off row, and the edge stitches can draw in your knitting considerably. My rule of thumb is four inches long: one inch to work off the effects of the cast-on row, two inches to get the rhythm of your knitting even enough for a gauge measurement to be accurate, and then another inch before the bind-off to offset the effects of that row. Same rule applies for the width: Make the swatch wide enough so you can measure in the middle!

But at what point is it smarter to actually forgo the swatch and just make the item? Mary asked that question, and then went right on to give a great answer: "This must certainly be true for baby socks! Turns out the wrong size? Change needles sizes and just try again!" Thanks, Mary. Couldn't have said it better myself. Socks, baby items, purses...you may decide that some items do not require a gauge swatch, and that's completely up to you! There are no Swatch Police. I promise. (If there were, I would've been locked up in Gauge Jail years ago.)

2. Don't measure on the needles.

The needles are going to pull on the top row of live stitches, distorting the rows and stitches below them. (You aren't going to wear your sweater while it's still on the needles, are you? Nope.)

 Take several measurements- not just one.  Measure in several places across the swatch.

3. Use the same needles for the swatch as you would use for the actual project.

I knit more tightly on bamboo needles than I do on metal ones. Similarly, anyone's knitting speed and rhythm is going to be different on dpns than on circulars. This is one common source of problems for folks who do a swatch (on dpns) only to find they cannot get gauge on the entire project (worked on their circular needles). Be consistent.

Corollary: If gauge is given in the round, work your swatch in the round. Think about this: Stockinette worked flat means that half the rows are purled-and what if your purl gauge is a bit off from your knit gauge? That would cause the gauge of a flat square to be different that the gauge of a tube-because stockinette worked in the round is only knitting, no purling.


Highlights of upcoming classes and projects

PLEASE REMEMBER all classes are $6.00- Cash only please

General Knitting classes - work on your own project if you wish!

I am working on all of the new class information- look for it in the next newsletter- on January 3!

 For Friday, Pat will be holding her morning and afternoon classes.  As always, several more helpers will be available if you have any knitting problems.  Stop by to see us.








WOW!  Look whats in the Pool!



ENCORE MEGA -- Only $5.00 a ball!
Free patterns available!
 MegaEncore Mega 
Encore Mega has been our favorite yarn for ultra fast knitting. Absolutely perfect in every way for the Hats for the Homeless project-  low price, wool content for warmth, easy care, and super fast knitting. Many patterns are available now- scarves, hats, cowls, and several more will be coming very soon in the next few newsletters.  Stock up now!

Stock up now on Encore Mega for Hats for the Homeless!
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